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Joy and I are saddened to say that our Music Room has been shut down as of June 19th by the Town of Huntsville.
They claim that we have converted the Garage into an “Assembly Hall” and a permit was not obtained to do so. There was no intention of designating it an Assembly Hall and we really wanted to just keep this under the home concert series umbrella in our garage, they are forcing our hand in this.
In order for us to continue to use our garage as Jimmy Joys Music Room an application must be submitted to the planning department which will come with some hefty fees.  Just the process of putting in the application will cost approximately $5000.00 and depending on what is required, there will likely be other additional costs in order for us to comply.
Therefore we are going to start a fund-raising campaign to help pay for these unforeseen incurred expenses.

A Go Fund Me Page has been setup                                   and we are starting to plan a music festival, hopefully a weekend affair as an additional fund raiser to help with all of this. We have several artists that would like to help keep Jimmy Joys alive and we are currently working with them to get this organized.  We will share details as we get them.
As most of you know, we do this as a passion and appreciation for live music and the arts. We are not a business and we are not doing this for monetary gain.  Many of you have expressed your enjoyment of our Music Room and feel that it has added value to the community, for us that is a mission accomplished!
With the shows that we have booked for this summer, our goal is to move them outside on our property. As some of you know we have 55 Acres and we will begin building a stage and finding a large event tent to hold the shows in.
It is very difficult for Joy and I to reach out like this as we hoped to do all of this independently, but our hand has been forced and we are now in a situation where we need to ask for some help.

At this time, we would be looking for help with the following items for us to create our temporary event space, and for the outdoor festival.

  • Labour, to help build a temporary outdoor stage

  • Materials for this stage.

  • We will need a covering for the audience and the stage, hopefully all under one large tent or similar.

Volunteers for the event when we find that date and organize it.

Thank you for understanding and we are going to work hard to keep this in our community.

Jimmy and Joy.

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